Areas of Practice

Wealth Management

At Mason & Associates, Inc. our wealth management process places strong emphasis on understanding your unique financial needs. Our team will work closely with you and your team of professionals to build a foundation for growing and preserving your wealth. You worked hard for your money, now let us work hard for you.

 Life Planning

Our Life Planning process encompasses everything that is important to your overall financial life. Together with you, we will develop a comprehensive plan to allow you to live your life with financial security. We work with you to incorporate a wealth planning strategy that meets your needs throughout your lifetime and those of your heirs. We examine your goals and develop a personalized Life Plan to meet your objectives. This Life Plan Road Map is updated as your life experiences dictate. Our Life Planning strategies guide you through budgeting and retirement planning, as well as insurance counseling and strategies to minimize income taxes and protect your estate. Please follow the link to our Life Planning approach.

Risk Management

Life is full of risks. You work hard to save for your future, to take care of your family and plan for retirement. As part of our personalized Life Planning service, our team of professionals will identify gaps and offer solutions to protect your estate. We integrate your risk management objectives into your overall Life Planning strategy. We develop a plan to manage your risk while still maintaining a reaching for your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

One of the most important elements of a client’s life is a successful retirement strategy. You want to know how much you need to save now, what you will need for retirement, how to invest to reach your goals and then how to budget through retirement.

We work with you to develop that portion of your Life Plan. We work with you to set realistic retirement goals, helping you to maintain your desired standard of living. The Life Plan will consider your current plans to make sure you are taking full advantage of all the retirement vehicles offered. Our goal is to make sure that your money lasts as long as you do.

Investment Management

Mason & Associates, Inc. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. Our goal is to design an investment portfolio that has the flexibility to meet your needs and we take fiduciary responsibility seriously. All investment recommendations are made with your financial well-being in mind. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. Your involvement in this process is key, as we advise you based on your personal risk tolerance and investment objectives.