Introducing the Newest Member of the Mason Family!

Introducing the Newest Member of the Mason Family!

Here at Mason & Associates, we value our clients, care about their lives, and strive to work for their best interests. As we get to know you, we also want to share our lives to serve you better and deepen our working relationship. On that note, here is an exciting development in Thomas Mason’s life:

Welcome Taylor Olivia

Sweet Taylor Olivia Mason arrived on March 2nd, 2018. Thomas and his wife, Jamie, are thrilled with their new addition and adjusting to being a family of four. Big brother Ryan is also enjoying his new role!

Here are some pictures of the new little girl:

We appreciate your interest in our lives and love that we get to work with all of our clients and share our milestones together! To hear more about Mason & Associates’ values, contact our office today by calling us at (323) 254-3072.

About Mason & Associates, Inc.

Mason & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1989, specializing in Life Planning for individuals, families and small businesses. Life Planning places a person’s core life values at the heart of the advice process and focuses on the human aspects of financial planning.

As a client, your personal story is key to our planning process. That is why we strive to build a close relationship that will encompass every aspect of your life. Together with our team of professionals, we guide you through the process of identifying what is important to you, your goals, your dreams. We then put into place a financial road map to set you on your way towards achieving your objectives.

Our responsibility does not end there. As you encounter bumps in the road, changes in goals or any other roadblocks, we are there to offer advice and guidance. We are there to celebrate your successes and cope with your challenges. We work alongside your other professionals such as your attorney and your CPA to be sure all of your legal and financial needs are aligned.

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