How To Protect Your Cell Phone From Hackers

How To Protect Your Cell Phone From Hackers

As evidenced by the recent news of the numerous data breaches or hackers getting sensitive information, it’s more important than ever to protect your privacy. It would be a shame to have your smartphone hacked by thieves.

Here are some suggestions to protect your cell phone. Most will take only a few minutes and will help protect your sensitive information.

See What’s Already On Your Phone

Even if you think you installed legitimate apps, you never know if they’re really safe. Make sure to review everything to see what kind of permissions they’re using. If you’re uncomfortable about them, then consider uninstalling the app.

If you’re unsure about an app, consider installing a security app such as ones from Avast or McAfee to tell which apps could be unsafe. And for any apps you keep, make sure you install updates as soon as they’re available as it should have the latest security protection measures.

From now on, be really cautious when installing new apps. Check to see what permissions you’re giving the app and only install ones from either a third party site or from somewhere unfamiliar.

Lock Sensitive Apps

Yes, it’s convenient to turn on features such as having auto login for your apps or accounts, but it could be easy for hackers to get into your phone if they steal it. There are also nifty features such as smart unlock, where your phone will automatically unlock if your smartwatch is close by or at work, and this could also make it easier for thieves to break in

To try and divert hackers who steal your phone, check your smartphone to see if there are any options that make it hard to break in, such as facial or fingerprint recognition. You can also lock individual apps or create extra security measures such as double authentication options. You can also install an app that locks individual apps such as Folder Lock for iOS devices.

Don’t Use Open Wifi

Sure, it’s great to be able to use free wifi, but there’s a risk in it, especially if it’s an open wireless network. Once you’re connected, anyone closeby can snoop in on what you’re doing online. While it’s not that likely someone will necessarily hack in, you just never know.

All this to say, don’t do anything which requires you to give up your sensitive information when on an open wifi network. Better yet, don’t connect at all if you’re unsure. If you must, there are many VPN, or virtual private network programs that encrypts your internet activity, so potential hackers won’t see what you’re up to.

Be Cautious Of What You Do On Your Phone

No matter how careful you are, you can’t ensure that your phone will never be hacked. Your best bet is to be aware of websites you visit and the types of links you click on. You can also install an app that will monitor your identity on websites such as your social media and email accounts. These apps will notify you when there’s suspicious activity so that you can change your password before it’s too late.

Using your smartphone is super convenient and helps you with many things, but you need to be careful your sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If you do all of the above mentioned actions, your phone will be as safe as it can from hackers and thieves.

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