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  • Mason & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1989, specializing in Life Planning for individuals, families and small businesses. Life Planning places a person's core life values at the heart of the advice process and focuses on the human aspects of financial planning.


As a client, your personal story is key to our planning process. That is why we strive to build a close relationship that will encompass every aspect of your life. Together with our team of professionals, we guide you through the process of identifying what is important to you, your goals, your dreams. We then put into place a financial road map to set you on your way towards achieving your objectives.

Our responsibility does not end there. As you encounter bumps in the road, changes in goals or any other road blocks, we are there to offer advice and guidance. We are there to celebrate your successes and cope with your challenges. We work alongside your other professionals such as your attorney and your CPA® to be sure all of your legal and financial needs are aligned.


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At Mason & Associates, our clients are at the center of everything we do. Our focus is on helping each one find the best financial solutions. We invite you to enhance your career with us while assisting clients in focusing on what matters to them most.

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Who We Assist

At Mason & Associates, we provide comprehensive Life Planning for individuals, families, multi-generational families and businesses and business owners. We provide advice on estate planning, charitable gifting, retirement planning, college funding, business retirement plans and succession planning.


Whether you are planning for retirement or ensuring that your children's college education is properly funded, we provide you with comprehensive wealth management to plan for these life events.

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We provide your business with the right retirement plan for you and your employees. We advise you on the proper investment choices, providing education for your employees on your behalf.

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Resources & Tools

As part of our services to our clients, we provide articles about important topics that impact our client's financial well-being, market data and financial calculators to assist our clients in their Life Plan.

Risk Analysis

Risk is a very important element to life planning. We use cutting edge technology that pinpoints your acceptable levels of risk and reward with unparalleled accuracy. This helps us ensure that your portfolio aligns with YOUR investment goals and expectations.

Together, we can take the guesswork out of your financial future.

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Featured News

We strive to have the most well informed clients in the industry. Here, you will find a list of recent news articles that are relevant and applicable to your financial outlook.

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Financial Calculators

Many people compare investing and finance to a complicated math class. The sheer amount and type of numbers can be overwhelming. In this section you will find a comprehensive group of calculators designed to help you visualize how to achieve your goals and understand the fundamentals of money.

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Our Method

Our Life and Investment Planning approach is a four-part process, which uses our expertise in investment advisory services, product research and asset management to help you meet your financial goals and build your Life Planning road map.

Identifying Your Investment Objectives

Identifying Your Investment Objectives Identifying your needs and objectives is central to developing sound investment strategies as part of a Life Plan. During our first meeting, this process begins with understanding your goals, risk tolerance, income needs, income tax situation, and time horizon.

Developing A Sound Investment Strategy

After analyzing your current financial situation and objectives, we work with you to identify the most appropriate asset allocation based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Asset allocation is the most critical investment decision and thus at the center of our investment process. We review the information you have provided us to make sure we have a clear road map for your financial future.

Implementing the Investment Strategy

As an independent investment advisor, we have an open architecture investment platform that enables us to select from a vast array of different investment solutions. As part of your Life Plan, we seek investments that are designed to help you meet your investment goals and objectives.

Ongoing Review

We meet with you regularly to review your portfolio, and with our ever changing financial markets, we are prepared to make adjustments as needed. As your goals and objectives change through different stages of your Life Plan, we make the necessary changes to your portfolio to keep your investments in line with your goals.


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