Congratulations To Our Very Own Marathon Runner!

Congratulations To Our Very Own Marathon Runner!

This time of year you might be tempted to start thinking about a New Year’s resolution. And if you’re a runner, that goal might include running a marathon or beating your personal best. 


Well, our friend and colleague, Alex Santibanez has done just that and more, setting and accomplishing 12 annual resolutions of running marathons. Last weekend, Alex and his twin brother, Abel, ran the New York City Marathon in just under 3 and a half hours. Yes folks, that’s 26 miles at roughly an 8 min 20 second pace…Incredible!


For some perspective, the male winner of the marathon finished the race in 2 hours or at a 4-and-a-half-minute pace…WOW! 


Alex and Abel began training for marathons a few years ago and quickly got addicted to the world of running. They finished this NYC Marathon with 53,000 other runners and trained for 6 months prior to the race. Considered the “world’s largest marathon,” this race has been run every year since 1970 with its route starting in Staten Island and finishing in New York’s Central Park.  


Congratulations Alex and Abel for a wonderful accomplishment! Now it’s time to set a new goal for 2020!

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